Learn how to make your move a smooth process. We tend to postpone packing when a move is on the Indian Moving Mart.

You have so many other things on your mind, like saying goodbye to your neighborhood and anticipating where you are moving.

If you move to a new city or state, you will have the going-away parties, try to close loose ends at work, and make plans for your children’s camp and school. But think that if you do not pack, there is no possible move.

“The longer you put off unpacking, the less motivation and energy you’ll have, so don’t put it off,” advises of indianmovingmart.com. “Your mood will improve if you tell yourself that each empty box brings you closer to your new house becoming a home.”

Make a moving plan and get started

This may seem obvious, but don’t assume you have a safe move-in date before you’ve hired a moving company. Many clients wait until the week of their move to sign a contract with a moving company, which can lead to an increase in moving costs, corner you in hiring packers and even force you to postpone the move date. Once you have a chosen date for your move, establish a packing plan that will allow you to create an inventory of what you have, determine what things you want to bring and which ones to sell or donate, and thus take some pressure off packing if you schedule it in multiple weeks

While sorting and packing, take inventory

Depending on the coverage plan you purchased with your mover, you will be required to submit an inventory list in case something is damaged or stolen. Without an up-to-date inventory, you are unlikely to remember everything you have.

Knowing what you have is also advantageous if you ever need compensation from your home insurer. And another advantage: with a clear idea of ​​what you have, you can better organize your new home.

Various applications, such as MyStuff2 and Delicious Library, can facilitate the process. If you’re not a techie, a pen and paper will do (put it in the firebox where you keep important papers when you’re done).

Evaluate all your saved things

About six weeks before you move in, there is some preparatory work that will make things easier in the last week before you move.

Do you keep things and store them in your garage, or in a shed in the yard, in containers under the bed, stacked in boxes in the basement or attic, and even putting them in a paid warehouse? Six weeks before moving in, go through each item in storage and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away.

“Only pack what you really want to take with you,” says certified professional organizer Amy Trager. “You waste time and energy packing and unpacking something that you will no longer use or enjoy in your new space. Move-in time is a great time to discard things you don’t want or need anymore, and moving also unearths precious things you’ll want to take with you to your new home. ”
For her part, organizer Allison Flinn advises: “See how many things you can discard from your stored things and sell them at a garage sale, or on Craigslist or Amazon.”

The sooner you start to discard these unwanted things from your life (from clothing and furniture and the remnants of your expired hobbies), the more things you can sell. Get involved in marketing things at a garage sale and get them shipped to buyers early to finance the best part of the cost of your move. You will be surprised how many things you no longer need but are appreciated by other people.

Buying boxes for moving

Instead of wasting money buying new boxes, look for used ones. This is greener and significantly less expensive, sometimes even free. Call the liquor store and ask if they can keep empty boxes for you, or buy them at stores like Eco Box in Texas or Georgia Green Box, where you will find a large supply of used boxes of every size, as well as packaging material.

Another option is to opt for reusable moving boxes, which ship to your home.

Do you need a special box, hard to find? “A good moving company will be able to provide you with special boxes if you need them too,” says Al Ponchack, director of operations for Holman Moving Systems.

Pack the decoration trims first

When you’re done sorting through your stored items, move on to artwork, framed photos, paintings, and other decorative decorations. Pack all frames and delicate things in bubble wrap as they can easily break or scratch. (Note: saving every piece of bubble wrap that comes into your home will greatly decrease the amount you need to buy.)

Place the decorative ornaments in medium boxes so that they are not too heavy and so that the weight of various things does not overwhelm those located below. “Consider the cost of the packaging items, you can easily spend 2000 INR packing a 20 RS vase,” advises lifestyle expert

Sports clothing, toys and equipment

Out of season clothing can be packed six weeks in advance. Wardrobe boxes for clothes are the easiest to pack because you only have to transfer the clothes hanging from the hangers from the closet to the box, as they were in the closet itself. If you keep your clothes on the hangers like they came from the dry cleaner, you can put most of your shirts, pants and dresses in the closet boxes. Folded clothing should be placed in a plastic garbage bag before boxing, just in case it gets wet during transportation.

Children often go through stages with toys. They are with something for a while and then they switch to something else.

“Children generally have a hard time accepting a move, especially if they leave the house they lived in since birth or the one in a neighborhood where their close friends live,” says Packers movers, who moved more than five times with children. “Involving them in the packers and movers in Bangalore process can help them understand and accept the reality of the move, and during it, they will rediscover toys they had forgotten.

They will be eager to retrieve them and take them to the new home. Any toy that does not have a strong turnover can be packed a month before (or more) and so can sports teams that are out of season. “

Host the packing party

When it is close to the move-in date, the packing becomes more intense. Most of his free time is spent packing. Since there are so many personal things, you will do most of the things yourself. But packing parties can be fun, especially in the kitchen where you’re unlikely to stumble across lacy stockings or a private letter. Ask your friends when they are available to help you one afternoon or evening a week or two before you move in, even if it is for an hour or two.

Most of us don’t have time to adjust to change before, during or after a move, so it will be wise to relieve stress in the moving process wherever you can.